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Can you see some blue in all the pink?

Television documentary "Man have breast cancer too" will be released online on 24th February 2018

October 2017


Thought that today would be the best day to launch an idea and get you all involved as much as possible throughout our documentary journey. 


Considering it is the national breast cancer awareness month, there is still much more to be done in terms of research and treatments for women. There is still a significant amount (around 55, 000 in the UK) affected every year. Considering I personally lost two of my beloved grandmas due to this horrific disease, this topic is very close to my heart. I can strongly relate to all the families and everything they've been going through/or are currently going through. I guess life is like that, you have to find the strength within and believe things will get better. 


There is nothing more painful than seeing someone you completely love and adore trying to fight against any form of cancer. Knowing that you can not actually do anything to help them, besides being there and supporting them. I am sure my support meant a lot to them but I miss them e-v-e-r-y single day. 



However, while the majority of people will wear their pink blouses or shirts today, crowdfunding for their female family relatives or friends, we must not forget that there is still a number of men who can get diagnosed with this horrible condition as well. Women are put under a spotlight, and it seems to me that over the years, men have struggled with that disease in silence. Around 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year, according to Breast Cancer Now and 80 of them die. 


This is a website for the TV documentary which will be released on the 24th February 2018, as a part of my final University project which is dedicated to breast cancer in men. It will be filled with advice, interviews, some interesting statistics that you should be aware of, useful contact numbers. This is also a platform for all of you, guys, providing you with an opportunity to open up and chat if you so wish. 


The documentary itself will focus on the funding for further research, exploring available treatments and looking into what sort of support is provided, comparing to women. Hopefully it will be an eye-opener.


I am not a doctor (just an aspiring journalist with a particular passion for health related stories) but I would just like to add: please check your breasts regularly. Have appointments with your GP and don't avoid them, not even if you think you are too busy. In the health dictionary, there is no space for being busy. Health does not forget and you never know what might happen, and don't think "it will definitely never happen to you." Be cautious and care about your health, please. 


If you are currently affected: please stay positive. You will get through this. Please be strong and surround yourself with people who love you the most. Don't give up on the things you adore and live life to its fullest. You will get through this!


And while there are thousands of breast cancer support websites mainly aimed at supporting women, this one will be just slightly different. Let's raise awareness of male breast cancer together, let's give them a useful platform where they feel supported enough. So that every male understands the importance of self-checks, before it is too late. If you are a woman currently reading this: please let your guys know how important it is to self-check.


Who knows, maybe this post will help someone. If it does, then my goal is accomplished.


By all means drop me an email if you would like to participate in the documentary and I will provide you with further details, or write in the comments below.


Remember: stay strong and be positive!


Lots of love,


The Editor/Producer/Director of "Male with breast cancer" documentary, Bruna Tomsic

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